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Wouter Bos

The Netherlands former prime minister is now chairman of the board for both BOSK and the VU Medical Centre. Softmedia developed the website for BOSK, a platform where people with physical challenges find and help each other.

BOSK had an old website with little interaction that matched their old organisation. There was a lot of information published on the website in the hope that the parents would be able to find what they were looking for. The new BOSK website focuses more on the use of members helping each other by sharing experiences. The new website provides the opportunity for members to make contact with others easily and has therefore made a whole new 'community'.

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The challenge for Softmedia

"My knowledge of websites, IT and infrastructure are not things that I have a great understanding of. Therefore I really needed a company that I could trust. After speaking to Softmedia my initial thoughts were that they were a trusted company who would cooperate well with BOSK.

I was not disappointed!"


"They did what they promised to do without the costs spiraling out of control. They knew what we had and they advised us on the opportunities that could be achieved."


"Since Softmedia is very reliable, they are interesting for companies and organisations that have little or no experience in the developing of websites. You need to be able to depend on your web developer and have confidence that they can handle the responsibility." Wouter Bos assessed the co-operation with Softmedia and rated them a 9 out of 10!


Wouter BosThe challenge for SoftmediaThe challenge for Softmedia

Hanna Verboom

Actor Hanna Verboom is the founder of Cinetree. Softmedia has developed the website for Cinetree, a video on demand platform. All profits are used to produce new films and documentaries.

Hannah knew Softmedia via one of the founders of Softmedia; Wouter. She was working on a project called "Get it Done" and when the question arose to develop a film platform she called Softmedia straight away. In addition, the film platform had to have a smooth user flow ensuring that it was a great setting for movie lovers. It is also a benefit that Softmedia work well with startup projects. "I can always contact Wouter either via phone or email and he continues to stay loyal to Cinetree." Hanna says, full of praise.

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"A good developer is essential for a complicated platform such as Cinetree. I am really happy with the way that Softmedia took care of everything and made it happen!" Hanna rates Softmedia a 9 out of 10!."





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